Galerie Frédéric Lacroix

June 9 - July 13, 2012 


First there is a small sculpture placed on a pedestal, a beginning, In which everyone could recognize themselves. Then, a series of cut networks, a sort of map. The geography of the networks seems to be the same as so many different paths which we would not see the differences. There is the large drawing of a hole stitching silhouette, like a molt. Then a series of hands, needle perforated too, like so much presence  on paper. On the ground, in the middle of everything, a ceramic sculpture entights in its oval a multitude of marbles, balls, or cells, unfixed, random, in the process of forming, absorbing one another, and moving towards an assembly that will never be the same, according to the one who assembles them. It is not known whether the small sculpture of the beginning has become another, or whether it is the large silhouette, fertile, its matrix that has allowed the formation, Since all these objects are echoed.


© Rebecca Fanuele