Galerie Lucette Herzog

November 29, 2003 - January 31, 2004 


The drawings and ink washs of Thomas Salet punctuates a universe in weightlessness, suspended, held by the artist's hand thanks to the invisible thread of his creative imagination. These stepped silouhettes with marked waist and enveloping arms, these supple and moving forms, colored of red and blue, invent familiar contours, and mobile surfaces. The dialogue, already begun by Thomas Salet in his India inks, is prolonged by the figure, thanks to the energy captured by his eye to better restore it, in a living matter and never inert. Like kites, these imaginary human forms presented to our gaze resemble "works of air" deployed in space.


Pierre Nore

Thomas Salet Splash

Pencil and ink  paper, 31 x 27 cm, 2003.